The Double Standard

The Double Standard

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In today’s society men and women hold each other to a set of standards. We all set standards for ourselves, significant others, and family. On our show last Wednesday, we addressed different reasons for double standards that men and women hold against the opposite sex. Why do some men who cheat on their woman get upset when he finds out his woman is cheating on him? Why do some women go after a man who makes a significant amount of money, but a man who does the same in return gets looked down on? Why is it ok for a man to sleep with multiple women, but if a woman does the same we quickly use the word “roller” or “slut” to define her. Why as men and women do we hold each other to these double standards? Tonight at 9 p.m. we will finish our discussion on the double standards that men and women have against the opposite sex. Call in to voice your opinion 1-818-475-9218.


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